Cheap as Bluechips Android handset at Tesco

Cheap as Bluechips Android handset at TescoLooks like Tesco is trying to make Android even more affordable ahead of Christmas with a nifty £79.97 SIM-free handset being offered in time for the festive period.

It was spotted by Coolsmartphone and appears to go by the name Neon Android, though with its main selling points being Bluetooth, a 3.2MP camera, expandable memory, MP3 player, FM radio and quad-band capability, it looks very much a case of you get what you pay for. 

The article points out that it appears to be a rebrand of the Umeox A502. Er, yes, that's what we thought too.

Further investigative journalism (i.e. a quick look at the Tesco website) gives a little bit more info for us to impart, including that it's 110mm in height (no width provided) and weighs 106g. Oh, and the version on the website seems to only provide a 2MP camera, compared to the photo taken by Coolsmartphone which shows 3.2MP as the specs.

It looks like it runs a fairly vanilla, skin-less version of Android. It also has HTC Sense wallpaper (surely not!), which rather makes us think that the screen in the image is a mock-up, rather than an official image. If it's not, Bluechip may find HTC coming after it pretty sharpish for copyright reasons.

For the price, we think it's fair to say you won't be seeing any Ice Cream Sandwich on this. Possibly it won't even be Gingerbread, with some low-cast Android handsets opting for the OAP-like FroYo these days.

As a side note, if you really want to go basic, check out Bluechip's other offering. Wonder if it does Flash internet?

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blizzard7  Nov. 28, 2011 at 17:30

Wallpaper stealing has been going on for years. I remember in Mac OS X's early days, sites like Currys where happy to confuse customers by putting the aqua Mac wallpaper on Windows PCs on their marketing rubbish.

mickaloow  Apr. 18, 2012 at 12:42

I am one of the poor buggers who bought the bluechip neon from tesco
I have to say it is without doubt the biggest load of s***t that I have ever spent my money on

Memory card does not work in it.
and it takes simply hours to get onto youtube

Dont waste your money


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