Is it cheaper to get a Samsung Galaxy S5 on contract or SIM free

Would it be cheaper to get a Samsung Galaxy S5 on contract, or SIM free with a SIM only SIM? I don't use many minutes, texts, or data, mostly just Wifi, thanks!

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spruceyb  Jul. 28, 2014 at 20:54

Galaxy S5 £420 then say you spend £10/month on a SIM Only you'd be looking at equivelent of £27.50/month over 2 years. For £27.99/month you could have Free S5, 500 Minutes, Unltd Text, Unltd Data on T-Mobile.

If you don't use many of anything then maybe Three's 3-2-1 PAYG would be better than an actual SIM Only plan.

Also, just my opinion here, but why get a S5 when you can get an LG G2 for £150 cheaper or Xperia Z1 for £115 cheaper?


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