Is it cheapest to get an iPhone 4S SIM free?

The Tesco deal seems to be more expensive than getting an iPhone 4S SIM free and paying £10 a month to giffgaff........ I think!!

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Treab  Oct. 24, 2011 at 16:36

cheapest is at 499 end price is 619.

MDrX  Oct. 25, 2011 at 09:28

If you're using your phone on £10 a month then you don't need an iPhone. Get a £10 PAYG POS from Virgin and grab an iPod Touch.

If you must be down with the kids then:

iPhone 4S 16GB SIM free: £499
Giffgaff £10/month: £120
Total: £619

Tesco 12 month contract:
iPhone 4S 16GB: £335
Contract at £25/month: £300
Total: £635

Tesco gives you: 250 minutes, 1GB data, 5000 texts.
Giffgaff gives you: 250 minutes, "unlimited" texts and "unlimited" data.

I doubt many will hit Tesco's 1GB data and 5000 text limit. So GiffGaff's 'unlimited' doesn't really mean that much. You'll be paying Tesco £1.33 a month to lower the upfront cost of the phone.

Please note that I haven't bothered looking at prices on other networks, anything over a year, and I only considered the cheapest monthly cost on Tesco. Higher monthly cost/lower phone price may be better, who knows. Grab a calculator :)


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