Cheeky leak hints at super-thin LG Optimus U1 with Ice Cream Sandwich

Cheeky leak hints at super-thin LG Optimus U1 with Ice Cream SandwichLG’s rivals are pulling out all the stops as we head towards Jesus’ birthday. Samsung, HTC and even Motorola (who was expecting that?) have revealed some right beauties in the past few weeks.

Meanwhile, LG’s Android portfolio is looking decidedly lackluster, with the Optimus 2X and Optimus 3D still heading the pack. But what’s this new guy appearing from out of the smartphone mist?

An anonymous source has furnished GSMArena with a decidedly dodgy-looking picture of the supposed LG Optimus U1. That’s a truly fantastic pic. We’re not sure if that’s fog or some sort of milky residue.

All we’re told about this LG Optimus U1 is that it’ll be supermodel thin, and – more interestingly – that it’ll run Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). A few days ago we heard that the LG Optimus 2X, LG Optimus 3D and LG Optimus Black would get – wait for it – Gingerbread (Android 2.3). Eek.

As GSMArena points out, LG recently renamed its network in Korea to U+, so this LG Optimus U1 could be some sort of Korea-only tie-in. Hmm. Stay tuned.

via: GSMArena

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socialjeebus  Nov. 4, 2011 at 12:39

My Brother-in-law and a couple of mates work for LG and let me tell you, nobody is happy or impressed with by the LG Mobile Division (tends to happen when people's bonuses plummet). Whilst this phone looks okay (if a bit generic) it's hard to see it making waves and putting LG Mobile back on track (I know they've got high hopes for LG Prada 2).


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