Cheers M8! One (M8) effect has HTC back in the black

Cheers M8! One (M8) effect has HTC back in the black

HTC has reported its latest quarterly figures, and the unaudited results make for positive reading for a change thanks to the impact of the HTC One (M8).

All told HTC pocketed NT$2.26bn (£44m) over the three months ending in June, slightly eclipsing the expected figure of around £42m and easily trumping the £24m profit it posted in Q2 last year.

And just like last year, the Taiwanese firm's upturn in fortunes is down to the impact of a single device: the HTC One.

This year's M8 hasn't made quite the same splash as last year's original One, the M7, but that's to be expected since it's an evolution of last year's model rather than an entirely new proposition. It makes you wonder just how the figures would have looked a year ago had the M7 not been hit by production delays.

It remains to be seen whether HTC can now continue its improved form over the rest of the year, something it didn't really manage last year. A lot will depend on how well the slightly downspecced HTC One (E8) does over the next few months.

So far it's only launched in China, but should be available in other markets before long.

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mrT786  Jul. 6, 2014 at 23:50

My 1st smartphone was a HTC Desire and was excellent for it time. Then HTC slight lost it way and just flooded the market with 100s of average phones. FInally with the HTC one range it put them back on track. Adding the micro SD slot has swung it for me over last years model.

Hope it continues with the quality and no nonsense features (heart rate sensor/finger print reader)

Only problem I see they have had which annoys me is the naming of their devices! Please for the love of god just make it simple and easy, would be much easier to market. I thought this year (according to rumours) they had sorted it, HTC one, HTC one 2, and in future HTC one 3 and so on but no that would have been to simple.


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