Cheezia Review: Goldie or Mouldy?

Cheezia Review: Goldie or Mouldy?

Cheese is good, cheese is great. Gruyere, Emmental, Red Leicester, Mozzarella, Parmigianino, Toe, the list is almost endless. After dinner, I’d much rather have a big platter of stinky cheese than a sticky sweet dessert. So a game about CHEESE piqued interests – Cheezia.

Cheese packing. I'm not being rude - the aim of the game is to pack the falling cheese into crates, matching the colours and symbols as you do so. It’s a fairly simple premise... but sadly pretty monotonous.

The instruction screens were cute - you can see the comic-book style in the image at the bottom of this review. Graphics-wise, I really liked the style of the game.

When I am doing these app reviews, I usually write a few brief notes in Microsoft Word as I go along, and then bulk it out with some flowery prose later on. But I don’t want to. Here is what I first wrote about Cheezia in my notes.Cheezia Review: Goldie or Mouldy?

  • Started on Classic mode.
  • Soundtrack annoying.
  • Boring gameplay.

Cheezia's difficulty increased as it went along, but wasn’t enough to grab me.

On first play, not wanting to just give up, Cheezia was played to the best of my ability until the bitter end occured on level 10 with a score of 44,100 (if that means anything to you fellow Cheezia players). Having imbibed a glass of wine, there was a concern that this was adversely affecting the gameplay. But the game just seemed to go on and on and on FOR A LONG TIME until I discovered you could make the cheese move faster by swiping it across the screen.

I also collected 3 of 24 achievements on that first play. They're quite well done though - the achievements are puns based on cheeses, such as Hellomi, Ricottage, Camelbert, eMental and Gogozola.

I will admit something which may save the game a little bit. I had installed it on my iPad and one of my nephews got hold of it before I had the chance to play it. This means that I missed out on the game instructions which appear the first time you turn on the game. I searched for the instructions through a link in the start menu, but no such “help” link existed. I only realised this when I tried it on my iPhone a few days later, and was confronted with the instructions on startup. This is quite a failing – there doesn’t appear to be a way to re-read the gameplay instructions.

I heard a quote once - Cheese is milk's leap toward immortality. Well, Cheezia might hope to go down in the immortal app gaming annals along with Angry Birds, Infinity Blade and Bejeweled, but it won't make my top ten.

Summary: Cute, but not very fulfilling. Unlike Cheese.

eveloper: Nordic Solutions Systems Oy

Requirements: iOS 4.0 or later / Android

Price: £0.69 @ App store

Cheezia Review: Goldie or Mouldy?

Cheezia Review: Goldie or Mouldy?

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