Chen hints upcoming BlackBerry device could be 'flagship material'

Chen hints upcoming BlackBerry device could be 'flagship material'

BlackBerry has officially unveiled its latest Z3 smartphone in Indonesia, but continues to hint at interesting products it has lined up on a more global scale.

BB boss John Chen was on hand in Jakarta for the unveiling of the emerging market-focused Z3's unveiling, a dual-core 5-inch handset that will sell locally for the equivalent of under £135 SIM-free.

With that in mind, the Z3 is unlikely to make it to the UK, though a future 4G-enabled international version might in due course. But either way, Chen used the Z3's launch event to talk about a number of future BlackBerry 10 handsets that just might be coming our way.

The BlackBerry boss stressed that details have still to be finalised, but said several new BlackBerry phones were in development – some all-touch and others featuring a physical QWERTY keyboard. Chen teased a “BlackBerry Classic” QWERTY device in his MWC keynote back in February, but added a few weeks back that we were probably still half a year away from it seeing the light of day.

He did say, however, that one of the new models the company is working on is potentially “flagship material”, which should be of interest to BlackBerry diehards still dreaming of a return to the good ole' days.

Now Chen is most definitely his own man, but we can't help but think of a similar piece we did featuring his predecessor in the BB hotseat Thorsten Heins back in March of last year.

Heins spoke of “three to four new BlackBerry 10 smartphones” still to come in the year, including “one new product I'm really excited about, but I can't really share it,” – a smartphone that would “take BlackBerry 10 to another level in terms of the user experience”.

That plainly didn't happen, which is why Chen is in charge of BlackBerry in the first place. Hopefully for his sake history doesn't repeat itself.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 14, 2014 at 19:08

BlackBerry diehards still dreaming of a return to the good ole' days.


Seriously, I found even before BB10 many Blackberry 'flagships' were not very flagshippy...
No mistake, there were good devices. But the 9900 was probably the only one to come close to
deserving the label high-end or classy... And even that one was shocking in some regards - considering its price tag.
But hey, I think fans don't care... as long as the main boxes are ticked. Good communication features. And interestingly, only a few weeks ago some site ran another browser comparison, and the Z10 browser still beats Safari and all Android devices they threw its way. So obviously BB's developers are not without talent.


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