China to get world’s first quad-core smartphone?

China to get world’s first quad-core smartphone?It seems like only yesterday that LG booked its place in the history books by bringing the world’s first dual-core smartphone, the LG Optimus 2X, to market.

Now Chinese electronics manufacturer Meizu is about to do a little something similar, but this time it’s the world’s first quad-core smartphone. The future is here. Until we hit hexa-core.

And just what is this quad-core beast? It’s the Meizu MX, which runs some sort of Android, though the exact version is unclear at this stage.

Supposed specs include a 4.3in qHD 540 x 960 display, 32GB internal storage, and a Cortex A9 quad-core processor. No details on the cameras just yet, but we’ll hazard a complete guess at 5MP/1.3MP.

The Meizu MX will go for 4,999 CNY in late September, which is around £500 in the Queen’s moolah. However, we won’t be surprised if the Meizu MX never makes it out of China. Bah.

via: Android Community

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