Will Chinese smartphones dominate in the years to come?

I read that Xiaomi is the number three manufacturer yet it mostly sells phones in China? In the coming years, as those manufacturers expand, will the Top 5 become Xiaomi, Lenovo, Meizu, Huawei, Oppo...?

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CTPAHHIK  Nov. 11, 2014 at 16:59

Nope, it will take longer than few years until Chinese manufacturers will have a significant market share in developed countries.
Quality and quantity are two different things and I don't see any improvement in quality from Chinese firms.

Until software from Chinese manufacturers improves I don't see them as viable competition. It took Android four years to catch up to iOS and it's doubtful that Top 5 will make it any sooner. Whatever Chinese phones ship with cannot be called Android, more like iteration of alpha releases with KitKat UI.

Lenovo is in best position among competition to deliver something usable. With Lenovo hardware and Motorola software there is a chance for a workable budget flagship.


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