Chitika study: iPhone 5 beats Samsung Galaxy S III in web traffic

Chitika study: iPhone 5 beats Samsung Galaxy S III in web trafficTo clarify, we’re going for a “Hey, let’s laugh at this study” type angle as opposed to “Wow, check out these figures!” Ready? Brace yourselves.

A study from Chitika suggests that iPhone 5 users accounted for slightly higher web traffic volume than their Samsung Galaxy S III-rockin’ counterparts over a 7-day period. Good lord!

The study is incredibly vague, but suggests that the iPhone 5 weighed in with 56% of web traffic compared to the Samsung Galaxy S III’s 44%.

Chitika explains: “To quantify our latest study, we conducted a user agent analysis on millions of mobile ad impressions, spanning a 7-day time frame from October 3 through October 9.

The Massachusetts-based firm attributes the victory (if you can call it that) to record-breaking iPhone 5 sales, and 4G browsing speeds “which encourage data usage.”

We’re still not entirely sure what Chitika’s point is, as web traffic volume certainly isn’t indicative of devices sold. They seem to be impressed largely because the Samsung Galaxy S III is a few months old, while the iPhone 5 is relatively new. Fair enough.

via: Chitika

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CTPAHHIK  Oct. 16, 2012 at 09:32

iPhone 5 "kids" playing with their "toys" and ramping up bandwidth. S3 crowd got over their excitement and moved on to mature things.


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