Clash of the Titans: HTC prepares for battle

Clash of the Titans: HTC prepares for battleHTC doesn't hang about - we'll give it that! Not content with flooding the market with more variants of Android devices than you could shake a charger at, now it's pushing its Windows Phone 7 portfolio with what looks like equal muster.

In fact, it's not even a week since the company announced its latest two WP7 brethren, the Titan and Radar, but you can already start putting your name down for pre-orders. Amazon's looking to sell them for £489.99 and  £349.99 respectively.

We're not always certain whether to take these sort of pre-order offers seriously. Experience tells us that far too often it's simply a ploy to get some media and customer attention when it reality the retailer actually has no idea when the product is going on sale, or what it will cost. Still, Amazon is one the more reputable examples of its kind around, and certainly doesn't need the attention, so we'll treat its claims as accurate - for now.

Your money should go a long way though if those specs are anything to go by. The Titan (aptly named) gives you a God-like 4.7-inch screen with a not-too-shabby 8MP camera on board. It'll be ready from October 15th which still feels like aaaaaages away.

The Radar's also looking at being shipped mid-October but its specs are a little less adventurous with a very-2010 5MP camera effort and smaller 3.8-inch touchscreen. However, if you're a fan of HTC's tablet, the Flyer, you could do worse as they'll look great side by side with the Radar sporting a metallic and white body.

Both phones will run Mango (hurrah) but of course, by October 15th, many in the mobile world will (maybe) be looking at a new device from that little competitor of Microsoft's based in California. HTC may do well to rush them out before then to avoid being drowned out by the iPhone 5.

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JanSt / MOD  Sep. 9, 2011 at 20:04

No, no, no - I just can't get used to the Metro UI. Until MS allow some kind of skinning/themes, WP7 will have to live without me. I'm usually not fussy with appearances, and I know that Metro works rather smoothly...but that look turns me off. Even if WP 7 was perfect otherwise, I think I'd have to pass.

matt101101 / MOD  Sep. 9, 2011 at 23:08

^ +1 to all said above. Especially, "even if", WP7 was otherwise perfect.


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