Clear iOS badges

Is there any way to force iOS badges to disappear?
Sometimes Scramble With Friends will show a '1' but there's nothing new.
Other times a game will invite me back, but I don't necessarily want to open the app just to clear the badge ... if that makes sense!

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 22, 2014 at 11:40

No, you cannot just 'clear' them without jailbreak. But you can do this: DISABLE the fr*gg*ng notifications and background updates. Seriously!?! Is the news about some new highscore or in-app purchase worth sucky battery life and occasional lag? The phone should work for you.
Allow YOU to get things done that need doing and/or are enjoyable. Don't become your phone's staff ffs.... There. Rant out!

I'm old, you see. I remember something very weird: TV WITHOUT ads. Radio without ads.
Hard to believe, eh? Can you imagine a 3 hour movie on TV without a single interruption?

Now our phones make us WANT to "engage"...with ads ads ads ads ads ads.... It boggles my mind.


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