How does one close an app on Android?

How does one close an app on Android? On iOS it was double tap and swipe up.....

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 20, 2014 at 16:08

You close an app on an Android phone by exiting it. Just leave it...
After a while the app stops using resources. More or less... ;)

You can also go to => Menu, Settings, Apps, Manage Apps. There find the app you want to kill.

Or: hit the task-switcher softkey or hardware button (since you do not say what phone or flavour of Android OS you are using, I can only guess. And I hate guessing forever :p
Once you see all the recently used apps in the task-/app-switcher it is similar to iOS - either, swipe the app away, or hit the little "x"...

In the Android Play Store - Google's 'appstore' - you can also download app- or task-killer apps and widgets. Essentially you can have a little widget on your homescreen or in the notification pull-down menu that can kill ALL or some recently used apps completely to free up RAM etc...
Usually, those apps let you whitelist apps that are excluded - say, e.g., you WANT Twitter to work in the background etc...

More IF/WHEN you tell 'us' what phone model you're on about.


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