Get your codename fix: Nokia reportedly working on Vela, Athena, Libra

Get your codename fix: Nokia reportedly working on Vela, Athena, LibraI've said before how we loves us some codenames here on Mobot, so we can't resist throwing a few new names into the fire, even if we know precisely zero about them other than who's supposedly gonna be making them.

So here goes: Vela... boom! Athena.... zing! Libra... kerpow! Er, that's it – oh, other than that Nokia is the company working on them.

Well, we say Nokia but we assume @evleaks means Microsoft Mobile and not the actual Nokia in Finland shorn of its phones and services division (though to be fair nowhere does it say the codenames are actually for phones).

So we'd have a guess these are new Lumia handsets in the pipelines, and given past examples of similar we'd say we're looking at the three to six month timeframe if we're at the stage of getting codenames and nothing else.

That means we could be talking end of the year announcements, and given the very European nature of the names they could well be global or at least European handsets as opposed to the mainly US-based names we heard in the recent Nokia/Microsoft roadmap leak.

Let's be clear: all of this is 100% speculation, so don't quote me on it. Well, unless I'm right obviously.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 25, 2014 at 13:53

OMG... Athena is CERN's project to produce antimatter hydrogen... We are scr*wed :p

So anyhoo.... from "postitutes" (Lumias) to goddesses? Excellent.


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