Cognitile iOS review

Cognitile iOS reviewHey guy. Looking for an opinion on Cognitile for iOS? Wondering if it’s worth shelling out that 0p? (Also free on Google Play). Well, you’ve come to the right place.

See, the Game Center leaderboards have me pegged as one of the world’s top Cognitile players. True story.

Anyway! Enough about my awesome skills. Let’s talk Cognitile. It’s a puzzle game involving tiles and demanding abundant cognitive dexterity, hence the name. Cognitile.

What’s the dealio? Well, you’re tasked with guiding a little Indiana Jones-style character from the starting point to the goal, be it a map or treasure chest or whatever.

However, as the clock ticks away, various traps present themselves, including little fires, falling rocks, crumbling floors, snakes and poison.

As such, it’s necessary to study each of Cognitile’s 60 levels in ‘Cog Vision’ before plotting your route. When you’re all set, just draw a line from our adventurer to the treasure, and watch it play out.

Cognitile iOS review

It’s no biggie if you die in Cognitile. You can easily amend your path as necessary, and towards the end it’s very much a case of trial and error, plotting vague routes and seeing what happens before refining timings and what not.

For example, a bridge to the treasure might only appear on the 20th tick of the clock, meaning you have to dance around the level – avoiding traps – for 19 turns/tiles before you can head to the end.

On completion, Cognitile assigns you a star rating (from one to three, obvs), and – more interestingly – tells you how many wasted steps you took. Predictably, my brain being crazy ‘n’ all, I wouldn’t settle for anything less than three stars on all 60 levels.

Cognitile also has a Workshop, allowing you to design and share your own creations with community members. Good stuff.

And that’s Cognitile. Is it worth checking out? Absolutely. And it’s free. Go forth and, er, be cognitional. Or something.


  • 60 levels
  • Workshop mode
  • Solid concept


  • Quite short
  • Too easy at the start
  • Not hard enough at the end (that’s what she said)

Summary: Cognitile is an excellent thinky tile-based puzzler.

Developer: Express Media

Price: free @ App Store and Google Play

iOS requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Android requirements: 2.2 (FroYo) or above.

Cognitile iOS review

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