Coming soon: charge your phone by shouting at it

Coming soon: charge your phone by shouting at itBattery life is one of the biggest losers in this era of always-connectedness. Most folk simply accept that it’s necessary to plug in every night, but that may no longer be the case if Dr Sang-Woo Kim gets his way.

Dr Kim, of the institute of nanotechnology at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea, has been leading research into the harnessing of sound energy as power.

“Sound power can be used for various novel applications including cellular phones that can be charged during conversations and sound-insulating walls near highways that generate electricity from the sound of passing vehicles.” Crazy stuff.

Kim and crew have already managed to convert sound to power, but only in very small quantities. They hope that by changing some of the materials, they’ll be able to harness more power.

Presumably it's also the case that the louder the sound, the more power can be harnessed. Cue: buses and trains full of people screaming into their mobiles. Brilliant.

via: The Telegraph

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