Coming soon: four free iOS Gameloft titles

Coming soon: four free iOS Gameloft titlesGameloft loves its seasonal sales, whether it’s Easter or Thanksgiving or Christmas or what have you. As such, we’re quite used to seeing Gameloft bargains on a fairly regular basis.

But now there’s even better news spunking forth from Gameloft’s Facebook page, namely that four of its iOS games will soon be made available for free. Sweet!

You can speed the process along by “joining”. Gameloft cheekily then asks if it’s allowed to start posting junk on your behalf, such as status updates and links. Er, I don’t think so, Gameloft.

As for the identity of the four games, they’re still a mystery for now. Gameloft explains: “We’ve selected a variety of classic hits taken from our catalogue of action, sports, casual and family titles, plus anything in between”.

In even sexier news, once the games are free, they’ll stay free; this isn’t a time-limited offer. The only tiny downside is that the games in question will have ads on the menus and loading screens. Whatev’s.

With well over 100 Gameloft titles on the App Store, it’s anyone’s guess at this stage. I reckon the first N.O.V.A. and Let’s Golf games are pretty good candidates.

Sadly, no word on a similar promotion for Gameloft's Android catalogue.

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