What's the best way to "condition" a new smartphone battery?

I've heard lots of conflicting information about conditioning a new smartphone battery. Should I always charge it full and run it down to 0%? Are partial charges ok?

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 16, 2014 at 14:39

Yes, partial charges are okay - just consider: every time you connect a smartphone to a PC to
sync or to transfer files it gets a partial charge.
Letting the phone run to 0% battery charge can help calibrate the battery gauge properly. That is, the % display may become more accurate over time. The jury is out, though if it actually helps make the battery perform better and for longer... Still, no harm, that is for sure.

Earlier this year researcher published a paper that seemed to prove that charging to a full 100% may actually be harmful for the battery's longevity, and they advised to pull the plug at 95% or thereabouts. I can't find a link right now. But I'm not making it up.

If you use any app/s to monitor your battery, you will notice that they all need a few complete cycles to work properly - that is: charge to 100% and complete depletion to zero... "zero" being relative. iPhone 5S I use now and again will not go to zero. Somewhere between 5% and 2% it usually goes to sleep...

There is hardly any consensus... any point, and somebody will surely butt in with the ultimate proof for why that is utter BS :p

The biggest issue to avoid: HEAT!!! More important than other factors afaik. Do NOT let the phone get too hot too often. Do NOT place on your car's dashboard on a hot day.
Extreme cold dito....


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