Confirmed: ‘The new HTC One’ launching March 1

Confirmed: ‘The new HTC One’ launching March 1There’s no such thing as a secret anymore, so when Samsung and HTC fired out vague invites for March 1 Mobile World Congress (MWC) announcements, we immediately knew to expect the Galaxy S6 and One M9 respectively.

Samsung says it’s revealing “the Next Galaxy” (don’t get me started), and now HTC has come out and confirmed we’ll meet “The new HTC One”.

To be fair, it’s not like there was much doubt we’d see the HTC One M9 launch on March 1. It’s not like the Taiwanese would make a massive song and dance about a new midrange Desire, for example.

But for what it’s worth, HTC UK Tweets: “Let them stare. The new HTC One revealed 01.03.15.”

That just leaves two big questions: Will HTC One M9 specs include a modest 1080p display, not QHD? And will we meet the rumoured HTC One M9 Plus?

Well, HTC ROM developer LlabTooFer has shared a wallpaper (again on Twitter) supposedly nabbed from the One M9’s firmware, and the resolution of 2160 x 1920 suggests the phone will indeed be 1080 x 1920 (the extra horizontal pixels yielding a scrollable wallpaper).

With LG and Samsung already having QHD phones on the market, and the Galaxy S6 widely tipped to rock a QHD resolution, it’d make sense for HTC to have a 2K treat up its sleeve in the form of the One M9 Plus. Logical, but by no means guaranteed.

Again, we’ll get the full story from the HTC One M9 launch on Sunday, March 1.

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