‘Confirmed’: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to rock dual-edge display

‘Confirmed’: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to rock dual-edge displayQuick catch-up: Samsung is in dire straits (but still the world’s number one for now); sales of the Galaxy S5 were reportedly disappointing, so it’s back to the drawing board for the Galaxy S6. All good? Good.

After months of rumours, we supposedly have “confirmation” that the Samsung Galaxy S6 – or an Edge variant thereof, at least – will look to stand out with not one but two Edge displays.

That’s the story over on SamMobile, with credit going to – simply – a “source”. An unnamed source, naturally, but the guys are generally pretty reliable to be fair.

Samsung debuted its Edge technology on the Galaxy Note Edge back in September (alongside the plain old Note 4), initially describing it as a "limited edition" device, though it went on to be sold across the globe.

Essentially it has a curved Edge display down the right hand side, where users can keep shortcuts to their favourite apps and whatnot. It can also be used as a ticker for news, and an always-on alarm clock while the main display sleeps.

On the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you’ll supposedly have the option to choose which Edge serves as the primary, er, secondary display, depending on whether you’re left- or right-handed.

Further Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge features include Glance Lighting, which lights up the Edge display for new notifications. You can assign different colours to different contacts, making it immediately apparent – at a glance, if you will – who’s getting in touch.

It’s not clear how – or if – the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will benefit from not one but two Edge displays, but presumably JK Shin & Co will fill us in when the Galaxy S6 Edge launches at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 – or thereabouts.

Don’t worry if you’re completely turned off by all this talk of Edge displays. We’re expecting a more orthodox Samsung Galaxy S6 in a premium metal shell, too.

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