Connect’Em Halloween Android review

Connect’Em Halloween Android reviewChristmas stuff has already started appearing in shops, but let’s not forget Halloween, the annual celebration of (a) sweets and (b) girls being encouraged to dress like absolute skanks. Brilliant.

Magma is celebrating with the launch of Connect’Em Halloween, a vaguely – emphasis on vaguely – Halloween-themed version of its existing Connect’Em puzzler thingy.

There’s an almost Sudoku-esque quality to Connect’Em Halloween. Thankfully, it’s a lot more thinky and a lot less random than Magma’s Bubble Blast, which – don’t get me wrong – is also very good.

In Connect’Em Halloween, the aim is to connect a series of “blobs” (as Magma calls them). Each blob demands a certain number of connections, as indicated by the little number in its centre.

To mix things up a bit, you can have up to two pipes sticking out of each side of the blobs, so that’s anything from one to eight in total.

Little tricks become apparent as you progress. For example, a “3” tucked away in a corner (with two of its sides effectively redundant) will definitely fire out one pipe horizontally and another vertically, so you can stick those two in right away. The correct positioning of the third pipe will (hopefully) become clear as the level goes on.

Likewise, a “7” in the middle of the playing area must have at least one pipe protruding from each of its four sides, so you can go ahead and lay those pipes too.

There are three game modes, namely Challenge, Arcade and Time Attack. Challenge has a ludicrous number of levels, Arcade is more concerned with high scores, and Time Attack is, well, it’s fairly self explanatory, no?

And that’s Connect’Em Halloween in a nutshell. It’s pretty good, and it’s free. What are you waiting for?


  • Lots of levels
  • Three game modes
  • Free


  • Not a great deal of variety
  • Ads (meh)

Summary: Connect’Em Halloween is an interesting and enjoyable puzzler. Check it, holmes.

Developer: Magma Mobile

Requires: Android 1.5 or above

Price: free @ Android Market

Connect’Em Halloween Android review

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