Conspiracy theory suggests Asus ME172V is next Nexus tablet

Conspiracy theory suggests Asus ME172V is next Nexus tabletIn the world of Nexus devices, Taiwanese manufacturer Asus has done a pretty decent little job churning out the Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Now the rumour mill reckons there’s another Nexus tablet just around the corner, again with Asus at the helm. Y’know the elusive $99 tablet? Yeah, that one.

We’re talking about the Asus tablet codenamed ME172V here. It was first rumoured out of Africa a couple of weeks ago, while a further story suggested it’d carry the long-rumoured $99 price tag.

Asus ME172V specs are said to include a 7in display (1024 x 600) and 1GHz processor, with Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1) on OS duties.

Somewhat confusingly, many had ruled out the Asus ME172V as a Nexus tablet, as it’s thought to have a microSD slot – something not typically found on the latest Nexus devices. Google’s Matias Duarte reckons they’re “just confusing”.

Where were we? Ah yes! There’s a fantastic conspiracy theory suggesting that the Asus ME172V is in fact a Nexus device. Huh?

Said conspiracy theory proposes there’s a secret Nexus guy in charge of pre-announcement leaks, with former devices - and now the Asus ME172V - falling into a particular and identical pattern.

First, a possible release date is leaked on good old hit-and-miss DigiTimes, followed by a set of benchmark results. Finally, pictures taken by the device appear on Picasa. Yeah, that happened with the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, actually.

Interesting. In any case, we expect to see more from the Asus ME172V at CES 2013 – probably without Nexus branding at this stage.

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