Consumers gripped by iPhone 4S fever

Consumers gripped by iPhone 4S feverThe reaction from the technology world might’ve been a resounding “meh”, with many of us asking: “Where’s the iPhone 5?” But Joe and Josephine Public – predictably – are going absolutely mental for the iPhone 4S.

Preorders for the iPhone 4S start tomorrow, but in the meantime Phones4u’s preregistration page has near melted.

Apparently it took just five hours for the iPhone 4S to beat the record previously set by the iPhone 4, and the former has now had more than twice as much interest.

A recent Phones4u poll indicated that 74% of customers expected a proper iPhone 5 to be announced on Tuesday, but clearly spirits haven’t been dampened by the unveiling of the much-the-same iPhone 4S.

Those preregistering were predominantly in the 18-30 year-old category. Er, maybe I’m just too old to appreciate the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 4S takes the iPhone 4, cranks the megapixelage from 5MP to 8MP, throws in a dual-core A5 processor, and rounds things off with some Siri voice recognition nonsense.

Have you preregistered for the iPhone 4S? Of course you haven’t, you big nerd. You’re waiting for the Samsung Google Nexus Prime. Me too.

via: Pocket-lint

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