Consumers ravenous for iPhone 5

Consumers ravenous for iPhone 5A PriceGrabber survey of US consumers has shown that – no surprises here – a significant number of folk are desperate to get their greasy hands on the next iPhone.

Incidentally, PriceGrabber appears to be going with “iPhone 5” as opposed to “iPhone 4S”. For the purposes of the survey, anyway.

The survey indicated that more than half – 51% to be precise – of the 2,852 respondents intend to buy an iPhone 5 within the first year of release.

"Our survey data confirms the strong following Apple has built around its iPhone, with more than one-third of consumers planning to upgrade to the latest model only a little over a year following the release of the iPhone 4," observed Graham Jones, general manager of PriceGrabber.

"Anticipation and brand loyalty are certainly high, but in today's 24-7 work culture and uncertain economic environment, consumers are cautious to look for a reasonably priced phone that will perform optimally over an extended time period."

Of course, very little is known about the iPhone 5 at this stage. It’s expected that it’ll have a dual-core processor (perhaps an A5 chip like the iPad 2), and an 8MP camera.

The survey asked consumers what they’d like to see from the new iPhone. The top results were:

  • Improved battery life – 59%
  • Cost reduction – 55%
  • 4G compatibility – 46%
  • Larger screen – 45%
  • Improved camera – 42%

The industry was getting quite used to seeing a new iPhone annually, at June's WWDC, however it's all change this year. Apple is expected to reveal the new iPhone in September.

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 26, 2011 at 12:10

Improved camera, eh ;)
Funny - I got a lot more life out of my iPhone 4 than the 7 to 14. hours (when frugal) I got from the Htc Desire HD or Arc or GSII...
Here's to hope.
Price will be interesting.

Sulphur Man  Jul. 26, 2011 at 13:13

If you asked in iPhone 4 user what they dont like about their phone, the chances are it would be 'nothing'. But one third of them still want to upgrade. Sheer brainless loyalty, and a fear of being left behind socially. Tragic really.

IMan69  Jul. 26, 2011 at 13:52

i agree with Sulpher Man to an extent....half of the people buy new apple products to remain "fashionable". No doubt they are good, but is there really a need to upgrade so soon? ( I have an HTC by the way..I have purposely avoided becoming an other apple follower)


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