Are consumers too smart to choose the Apple iWatch?

Are consumers too smart to choose the Apple iWatch?The Apple iWatch is a helluva device. Next to nothing is known about it, yet its very existence has arguably kick-started an entire industry, as Android OEMS – again, arguably – work to pre-empt an iPad-style lead. The utterly pointless Samsung Galaxy Gear, for example, might as well have come with a sticker that said: “Yay! Beat the iWatch to market.”

But Samsung’s Jae Shin isn’t worried about what will almost certainly become the biggest selling device in smartwatches. He suggests consumers are more clued up these days, and less concerned about branding.

That’s the word over on Computing, which expertly extracts words from the mouth of the VP of Samsung’s Knox mobile security.

Asked if he was concerned about the arrival of the Apple iWatch in an industry that seems largely unmoved by the wares on offer at present, Shin appears to suggest that Apple’s shininess is starting to wear off.

"Consumers are a lot smarter these days and there's a lot more information available to them," says Shin. You mean smarter than when they propelled the iPhone to biggest selling smartphone, and likewise the iPad to biggest selling tablet?

"I think in the beginning maybe it was just about branding, but I think now consumers have the know-how and the resources to make a smart decision.”

Time will tell, Shinny boy. Maybe the iWatch will fall flat on its face. Heck, maybe smartwatches will be shunned globally. Now that would be funny.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 30, 2014 at 13:23

its very existence has arguably kick-started an entire industry

You are in so much trouble, fanboy :p
Man, dude, there woz smartwotches, like, 5 years ago. Apple can't innowait sh*t


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