Continued losses leave HTC worryingly dependent on the HTC One (M8)

Continued losses leave HTC worryingly dependent on the HTC One (M8) The new HTC One (M8) looks a decent follow-up to last year's hugely successful original, but things continue to look bleak for the company that makes it.

HTC has just posted its financials for Q1, and they reveal net losses of TWD1.88bn (£37.3m) for the quarter, more than double the losses it posted this time last year.

Total revenues fell by 22.6%, and HTC's global share of the smartphone market now sits at around 2%, Reuters reports – compared to an estimated 10% just two years ago.

The figures illustrate the problem of having to rely on a single product to turn your fortunes around, as HTC has with the original HTC One.

Excellent though the One undoubtedly is, it was announced more than a year ago now, and sales have obviously tapered off with the arrival of the M8 now imminent.

And with HTC having failed to come up with anything even remotely as successful in other areas of the market over the past year, a downturn in HTC One sales means a downturn in sales for HTC overall.

Unless HTC can change that it'll be left relying on the M8 proving as popular as its predecessor was, which is unlikely and anyway would just leave the company in the position it's in right now.

Which is not a very good one.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 8, 2014 at 15:28

Is it that surprising?
HTC is not Apple. It's not Samsung, Sony, nor Nokia...
HTC is a relative newcomer. No sugardaddy to keep it afloat and artificially hyped. With a fairly narrow range of products. HTC isn't even Blackberry - no BBM like service. Nothing like BIS or BES... Unless you wanna count ZOE? ;)
And good thing, too - because HTC cannot even develop a consistent software update strategy. Even in the WinMo days, their updates were ludicrous. Shoddy. Patchy.

Building the original winmo Xperia for Sony Ericsson pretty much did for SE and WinMo, what the N97 did to Nokia and Symbian.

Don't get me wrong: I loved HTC's WinMo devices, not just the HD2. But not because they were perfect devices. Oddly (coming from a M$ hater) I 'loved' them because of WinMo's strengths... Anyone who thinks Android is the pinnacle of 'open' and 'tweakable' has obviously never really tried to use a WinMo device. But I'm straying.

Nutshell: HTC were lucky. They are credited as the makers of the 1st Android device, and, of course the Desire (with which they killed their own Legend - not the iPhone ;) )... And hey, they made huge headphones acceptable as publically worn 'gear'... That counts for something, doesn't it?


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