Cookie's Home Tab 2.00 for Windows Mobile - makes more Sense

Cookie's Home Tab 2.00 for Windows Mobile - makes more SenseTimes are tough. We would all like a new phone, but... the budget. So today we make the best of what we already have. For that, we will use Cookie's Home Tab, it makes Sense - and it makes it even better.

Long before Android came along, Taiwanese tech wizards HTC realised that you can make any phone OS better, and by any I mean Windows Mobile - specifically Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5. Still, quite a few handsets have been improved upon, and let's face it, the most desirable touchscreen WinMo handsets out there are HTCs.

You can see the lovely HTC HD2 in the photo above. It's stunning. With its 4.3in screen, it was 2010's leading drug for Europeans with HTC Evo 4G envy. But if you're still reading, you probably have one, and you know what I mean when I say, "boredom." Yes, Sense 2.5 was a gigantic improvement over Microsoft's idea of a touchscreen UI, but look at the large icons. They are huge. And how often can you marvel while sliding your fingers along the snazzy tab bar? With its huge garish icons...

In comparison: how about the the homescreen on the right? Subtle? Exactly. Different? You are right. And the CookieMonster did it. CookieMonster is a legendary member over on the XDA developer forum, and his Sense UI mod is without a doubt his crowning achievement. Why he hasn't been headhunted by HTC or one of their enemies competitors is anyone's guess, but anyway... He spent most of a year developing and updating and improving HIS opus, and late in November he did it: version 2.00 Final was released. I have been testing it for 4 weeks now.

Why the long test? Well, many home replacement apps and launchers work fine. Then you realise bugs and glitches, and then you notice you charge the battery more often than is normal, etc, etc. Our smartphones have so many functions, features and apps apps apps... Who knows what odd combo of pushes and prods and processes sets off the crasher?

Alas. It works. It is stable. It doesn't drain the battery. RAM is not hogged. And your compatible phone will never again look like everyone else's.

With Cookie's Home Tab - or C.H.T 2.00 - you can modify every aspect of your phone's UI: autohide the shortcut tab at the bottom of the screen, add more shortcuts to the homescreen with different icons. Change the clock style. Add weather features or switch off the weather effects. You can replace the WinMo bottom bar with a more fingerfriendly version. More space is what you want? How about adding more homescreens? And not just horizontally but also vertically? Got it!

Cookie's Home Tab 2.00 for Windows Mobile - makes more SenseFact: Install C.H.T 2.00 and you will rarely feel the need to plumb the dank depths of WinMo's sub-basement menus structure.

What do you need to pay to get it? Zip... nada. It is free. What do you need to run it? A HTC Windows Mobile phone of the flavour 6.1 or 6.5, and the phone must come with Sense 2.5 or Manila 2.5. and a VGA or WVGA resolution. If you have one, you know it.

Where can you get it? Head over to the app forum on XDA-Developers.Com for all instructions and downloads. Then: Enjoy. Take that, recession!

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