Corning announces ‘3D-shaped’ Gorilla Glass, coming soon to an iWatch near you?

Corning announces ‘3D-shaped’ Gorilla Glass, coming soon to an iWatch near you?We thought smartphones and 3D had fallen out for good, but they appear to be on talking terms again. Well, sort of. Don't worry; we're not going autostereoscopic.

Corning has announced its “manufacturing readiness” for something it’s calling “3D-Shaped Gorilla Glass”.

Perusing the press release, the move seems to be inspired at least in part by the growing trend for smartphones with what Corning calls “subtle curves”. Incidentally, you might recall Corning's flexible Willow Glass (pictured).

In recent months we’ve met the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex, and indeed more than half of the world’s Top 10 Smartphone Manufacturers now offer curvaceous goodness.

Reading between the lines (or reading, er, the actual lines), Corning appears to be anticipating the long-promised smartwatch avalanche, with mention of “even more-dramatic form factors” and “wearable applications”.

It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine Apple and Corning teaming up for the much-discussed iWatch later this year. It’s actually been pretty quiet on the iWatch front of late, but it’s generally accepted that it’s happening.

Well, I’m all out of words, so I’ll hand you over to James R Steiner, senior VP and general manager at Corning Specialty Materials.

“We can now take Gorilla Glass all the way from flat sheet to a finished 3D-shaped product in Asia, expediting turnaround times and minimizing logistical complexity,” says Jim. “That’s a win for Corning and our customers.”

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