Corning reveals flexible 'roll-to-roll' Willow Glass

Corning reveals flexible 'roll-to-roll' Willow GlassCorning, the chaps behind super-tough Gorilla Glass, have unveiled their latest advance in display technology. Meet: Willow Glass. It’s flexible, and – with a thickness of 100 microns – is roughly as thin as a sheet of paper.

Being thin and light, Willow Glass will no doubt appeal to smarpthone manufacturers the world over, insanely obsessed with weight and thickness as they are.

“Displays become more pervasive each day and manufacturers strive to make both portable devices and larger displays thinner. Corning Willow Glass provides the substrate performance to maintain device quality in a thin and light form factor,” yelled Dr. Dipak Chowdhury

Willow Glass could appear in bendy devices, but the press release is primarily focused on the manufacturing process. See, it’s possible to churn out Willow Glass “roll-to-roll” instead of “sheet-to-sheet”, a bit like a newspaper; something Corning assures us is “a long-awaited industry milestone.”

Corning is initially launching Willow Glass as an “advanced display substrate”, and it’s expected to show up in smartphones first, but the tech could also make an appearance in stuff like lighting and flexible solar cells.

via: Corning (press release)

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