Cortana for iOS and Android? ‘Yeah’ says Microsoft

Cortana for iOS and Android? ‘Yeah’ says MicrosoftWe’re still not entirely sure about the logic here, but it sounds like it’s a done deal regardless. What am I rambling on about? Cortana for iOS and Android!

There wasn’t much doubt that it was happening, to be fair, but Microsoft has given us the closest thing we’ve had to an official confirmation to date: “Yeah.”

That’s the word over on Business Insider, with a relatively tiny speech bubble relayed from a Microsoft meeting with “a small group of journalists and analysts last week”.

When asked if Cortana was destined for non-Windows Phone smartphones, Microsoft’s chief experience officer, the lovely Julie Larson-Green, purred: "The short answer is, yeah." Rumours that Lady Larson-Green kept turning the conversation back to yours truly are largely unfounded, and probably made up by me.

Obvious question: What is Cortana? It’s essentially Windows Phone’s answer to Android’s Google Now and Siri for iOS; a smartphone personal assistant. Cortana has actually been rather well-received, and it's tipped to be a headline feature in Windows 9.

However, as we were saying last time we discussed the possibility of Cortana for iOS and Android, we’re more than a little concerned that Windows Phone is shooting itself in the foot here.

On Microsoft’s own Six reasons to choose Windows Phone feature, it lists Cortana at number one, describing it as “The most personal smartphone assistant”. Bring Cortana to iOS and Android, and that USP is a goner.

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mightyforest  Nov. 14, 2014 at 17:26

windows 9!


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