Crazy Taxi City Rush – Hulkamania Takeover is a thing

Crazy Taxi City Rush – Hulkamania Takeover is a thing

For me, Crazy Taxi City Rush was definitely one of this year’s guilty pleasures, one of those games that maybe wasn’t that good (with hindsight, I might’ve been slightly generous in my 4.5/5 review), but that I couldn’t put down despite the abundance of other stuff I had fighting for attention.

Two reasons to go back to it: firstly, they’ve added a fourth city (I was going to say “in addition to the original three”, but that goes without saying). Reason the second: HULKAMANIA TAKEOVER, brother! That’s right, Crazy Taxi and Hulk Hogan have finally(?!) formed a tag team (free @ App Store, free @ Google Play).

For those who don’t know, Hulk Hogan is still very much a presence in the professional wrestlings. He recently spent a while skulking about in TNA, essentially the poor man’s WWE, but now he’s back with Vince McMahon and Co.

Recent highlights include promoting the WWE Network (only $9.99 per month), flying to Japan to sign KENTA (sorry, Hideo Itami), and standing in the New Orleans Superdome and proudly declaring that he was excited to be back in the Silverdome – 1,000 miles away.

Yep, if we ever need a reminder that we’re getting terrifyingly old, Hulk Hogan is now 61 (61!) and not always capable of remembering where he is, which perhaps explains his new career driving a video game taxi. More after the screenshot, brother!

Crazy Taxi City Rush – Hulkamania Takeover is a thing

Hogan appears as a special character in Crazy Taxi City Rush – Hulkamania Takeover, free to use once per day, and available to hire if you happen to have spare diamonds lying around. As most taxi drivers do.

In the short-term, Hulk will grant you bonus bucks for turns and bumps and passenger deliveries; he has a special red and yellow tank; and heck, you can simply enjoy Hogan shouting stuff like “Out of the way, sister!” and “This is where the power lies!” as you drive around. There’s even a tongue-in-cheek nod to Thunderlips, Hogan’s character from Rocky III.

In the longer-term, each use of Hulk contributes to the monthly meter thingy, with monetary landmarks unlocking Hogan-themed customisations.

Other features in Crazy Taxi City Rush – Hulkamania Takeover include controller support, and the ability to share video and stills. Indeed, there are signed goodies up for grabs if you pop your stuff on twitter and use the hashtag #HulkCrazyTaxi.

And that’s Crazy Taxi City Rush – Hulkamania Takeover, a slightly odd – but surprisingly effective – tag team.

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moonmonkey  Oct. 4, 2014 at 21:11

Hmmm. Tis a very good game, Iv'e been playing it a lot recently. Just reached the final part on the Fourth part of the city. Note it is not 4 separate cities... Ps I think the Hulkster adds nothing of note and is just annoying!


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