Cut the Rope: Experiments iOS review

Cut the Rope: Experiments iOS reviewI was rather fond of the original Cut the Rope, awarding it a well-deserved 5/5 in my iOS review way back in February 2011.

Fast-forward 15 months, and Cut the Rope: Experiments is riding high in the App Store’s Top Free Games (usually 69p for the iPhone, or £1.49 for the HD iPad version). Does it live up to the good Cut the Rope name, or is it stale as a stale thing? Spoiler alert: it’s the first one.

For those unfamiliar with Cut the Rope, I’ll explain the mechanics very briefly. Essentially, Cut the Rope is a “physics-based” puzzler, in which you’re tasked with getting a little candy into Om Nom’s mouth via a series of swinging ropes and floating bubbles and what have you.

Of course, there are – as you’d probably guess if you’ve ever played any smartphone game ever – three stars up for grabs.

However, far from being arbitrary nonsense, Cut the Rope’s three-star feature is part of the genius: it’s easy enough to get one or two stars en route to Om Nom and blast through the game, but getting three stars demands a lot of skill, and is immensely satisfying.

And that's Cut the Rope. Great stuff.

I was concerned that Cut the Rope: Experiments might be a half-hearted add-on, but the level designs are absolutely fantastic, possibly more so than in the original game. As such, Cut the Rope: Experiments is – without exaggeration - an absolutely joy to play.

In total, Cut the Rope: Experiments offers 150 new levels across six worlds. Getting Started covers the basics, while the rest introduce us to new gameplay elements.

There’s Shooting the Candy (rope guns), Sticky Steps (suction cups), Rocket Science (rockets), Bath Time (water), and Handy Candy (robo arms).

Cut the Rope: Experiments is, like its predecessor, incredibly challenging. If you have an iPad, you’ll definitely benefit from the increased display real estate.

Gripes? None that I can think of. Oh, the loading screens seem to feature fairly heavily, but they’re absolutely forgivable. Otherwise, I can’t fault Cut the Rope: Experiments. It’s easily one of the best mobile games I’ve played to date.


  • 150 new levels
  • New gameplay elements
  • Looks great (iPad Retina support too)


  • The loading times? Meh

Summary: Cut the Rope: Experiments is a worthy successor to the original Cut the Rope. I can’t recommend it enough.

Developer: ZeptoLab UK

Requirements (iPhone): Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Requirements (iPad): Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Price: free at the time of writing; usually 69p for iPhone and £1.49 for iPad

Cut the Rope: Experiments iOS review

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