Cut the Rope iPhone review

Cut the Rope iPhone reviewIf developer ZeptoLab had created Call of Duty, it’d be called Shoot the Baddies. Street Fighter would be Beat Up the Other Guy. Guitar Hero? Plastic Guitar Game.

For better or worse, Zeptolab did not have a hand in those classics, but it has produced one of the best games on the iPhone to date, in Cut the Rope.

As you might’ve guessed from the name, Cut the Rope involves a fair amount of rope cutting. But don’t be put off by the bland title – it’s awesome fun.

Cut the Rope is yet another physics-laced puzzler, a sub-genre that works exceptionally well on the iPhone (Angry Birds or iBlast Moki, anyone?). In Cut the Rope, you have to cut a series of ropes in order to deliver candy into a little green monster’s mouth.

There are three stars to collect in each level, but you only need one star to progress. Collecting all three stars is fairly easy at first, but the difficulty soon increases. After a couple of dozen levels you’ll be happy just to make it to the next stage, but you’ll inevitably find yourself going back and aiming for the perfect score.

Initially, it’s a simple case of cutting the ropes in the right order, but new elements are gradually introduced, such as floating bubbles and elasticated ropes that ping the candy when snapped. There are hazards in the form of spikes and spiders. Cut the Rope also takes advantage of the iPhone’s multitap, so you can cut two different ropes simultaneously.

Some of the levels require super-precise timing, which can be a little difficult on the iPhone. The HD version on the iPad definitely benefits from the larger screen.

A batch of 25 extra levels has already been released, with more on the way. At only 59p, Cut the Rope is an absolute bargain and a must-play.


  • Challenging but rewarding gameplay
  • New downloadable levels
  • Great to dip in and out of


  • Occasionally frustrating on the small screen
  • Cartoon-like presentation, but too hard for kids
  • Loading screens

Summary: Don’t be put off by Cut the Rope’s appearance or the simplicity of the first few levels. This is not a game for kids. Often challenging but never unfairly so, Cut the Rope is highly rewarding to play. A definite must-own.

Developer: ZeptoLab

Compatiblity: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Price: 59p, or £1.19 for the HD iPad version

Cut the Rope iPhone review

Cut the Rope iPhone review

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