Czech iPad 2 release not delayed after all

Czech iPad 2 release not delayed after allYesterday, the 26 countries gearing up for the iPad 2’s Friday launch gasped collectively, as the release date for the Czechs appeared to have been pushed back by a whole month.

However, it now seems that the release date of 25 Dubna – the Czech for April – was stated in error. It has been corrected to read: “V prodeji od 25 brezna”, which translates as: “On sale from 25 March”.

There has been growing speculation that the Americans’ seemingly insatiable appetite for the iPad 2 might throw a spanner in the works for the rest of the world. After all, that’s pretty much what happened last year with the original iPad.

Apple hasn’t revealed exactly how many iPad 2s it has sold across the Atlantic, but it’s certainly struggling to meet demand. The US Apple Store online still quotes a waiting time of 4-5 weeks.

TechRadar contacted Apple to ask if we in the UK should be worried, but a spokesperson confirmed: "Everything that is on the website still holds true; the website says 25 March and that's when it'll be."

Phew! Is what I would say if I had enough money to spend on an iPad 2.

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