The Daily finally lands on UK iPads

The Daily finally lands on UK iPadsWe got quite excited earlier this year about the arrival of the first ever iPad-only news publication, The Daily, what with its NewsCorp backing and ambitious goal of revitalising the long-flagging newspaper industry.

Well the jury's still out on that last point, but what we do know is that after The Daily remained firmly US-only for a good half year or so, it's finally been unleashed on iTunes here in the UK, and is available at 69p a pop.

NewsCorp and media mogul figurehead Rupert Murdoch certainly made plenty of noise in the buildup to unveiling The Daily back in February, promising a pan-US news-gathering organisation of hundreds, including talent hand-picked from other organisation to help drive the digital publication to the front of the country's consciousness.

We were promised exclusive content, high-quality interactive video and graphics plus plenty of other digital tricks aimed at Apple tablet owners.

So how much of that has panned out in reality? Well, we've been living without The Daily here in the UK without feeling the loss too badly – in fact, we'd kind of forgotten all about it, to be honest.

But never mind – it's here now, so we can finally find out what we've been missing out on.

It'll cost you 69p per day to download – or £27.99 for an annual subscription, but according to The Guardian early adopters have hardly been blown away by the “localised” content NewsCorp has spent six months setting up to bring the UK version of The Daily to the surface.

“I can't imagine why anyone would want to read about American gossip, American football or American politics,” one user wrote, while another put it even more plainly: “Obama is not our President. Don't care. Don't want this.”

Have you checked out The Daily yet on your iPad? If so, give us your own verdict – a fair indictment or are the anti-US reviews being overly critical?

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JanSt / MOD  Sep. 16, 2011 at 12:27

Murdoch's empire of evil... now in HD. No, thanks. I'd rather take the budget lobotomy from Argos with the free drool strength apron.


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