Damn you, Android battery

Damn you, Android batterySo I’m just this minute back from the cinema, and you’ll never guess what bloomin’ happened. At some point during the film my battery died, leaving me completely cut off from, well – hopefully not sounding too melodramatic here – everything and everyone. My HTC Desire HD was reduced to a useless 164g brick. Bad times.

Android battery life is pretty sucky at the best of times, but I’m being plagued by a new problem (oddly enough, not one I’ve mentioned before), which means my battery life is constantly in danger.

What happens is, see, if my screen lights up for any reason, it remains lit, even though it’s set to time out after a couple of minutes. Who knows why? Just one of those absolutely mental Android glitches that defies all logic.

Also, that annoying thing happened where I was slightly out of sync with my charges. I generally plug my phone in at night, but I still had around 50% juice when I hit the hay last night and decided to leave it. Sigh. Lesson learned.

Anyway, obviously running out of battery is far from the worst thing that could’ve happened to me today. I could’ve fallen down the stairs on my way out of the cinema much to the amusement of my fellow patrons. Or been nailed by a bus. Or kidnapped by terrorists. But being left effectively phoneless is still a pain.

First of all, on emerging from the cinema, I had no idea what time it was. I haven’t had a watch in something like 10 years. There was a brief period of overlap in my early twenties when I had both a mobile and a watch, but when the latter died during a drunken Jackass-style incident, I didn’t see the point in replacing it.

Nor was I able to check the train times. Again, not exactly the end of the world, but when the trains are down to one every half hour, it’s nice to know if I should be walking briskly to the station or enjoying a casual stroll.

What else couldn’t I do? Ah, the obligatory post-cinema review. It’s tradition that I send one particular chum a virtual thumbs-up or thumbs-down after every visit to the cinema, either by email or text. What’s that? No battery? Too bad, man. Maybe I should learn how to send smoke signals.

The train ride was rather dull. I was unable to listen to music, reply to texts or emails, play my turn in Words With Friends (yes, I’ve still got one game on the go), catch up on inane Facebook status updates (sorry, friends), or check in on good old Mobot.

Instead, being crammed into a tiny space with a handful of absolute strangers, all I could do was look out the window. Incidentally, I’ve always found train seating slightly odd; there’s no other social situation I can think of where you’re forced to sit face-to-face with people you’ve never met before in absolute silence. Weird.

The moral of the story? Plug your phone in at night, even if you’ve still got some juice left; always carry a book in your bag; possibly think about buying a watch for the first time in 10 years, just in case; and maybe invest in a car to avoid having to get the train like a chump.

I guarantee you I will do none of those things. Same again next Sunday, I’ll bet.

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MDrX  Sep. 19, 2011 at 13:06

Wouldn't have happened on iOS :p

Going to bed with 50% juice, I mean.

Curfish  Sep. 19, 2011 at 14:34

Get an atrix great battery life on that bad boy, with big battery!

darrenjdoc  Sep. 19, 2011 at 14:44

Setcpu and a good kernel ...

CTPAHHIK  Sep. 20, 2011 at 09:25

Time to update to Android 2.3.5 with Sense 3 + factory wipe.

Drunkensquirrel  Sep. 24, 2011 at 15:45

Seriously take your eyes off your phone once in a while and look at a tree, what are you a robot, sounds like it. Cant even go a train ride without listening to music and complaining about it!

Drunkensquirrel  Sep. 24, 2011 at 15:45


blizzard7  Sep. 24, 2011 at 20:28

Look at a tree? Umm... wouldn't exactly be the highlight of my day :p

shuwaz  Sep. 28, 2011 at 11:30

Buy a battery (for emergency backup) and install juice defender. Works for me, never been caught with my battery dead.


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