Dan Morrill: Smartphones to get all Honeycomb features

Dan Morrill: Smartphones to get all Honeycomb featuresIn the name of bloomin’ Zardoz. Android has historically taken a bit of stick for having users fragmented across lots of different versions of its OS. Well, that trend looks set to continue quite emphatically for the foreseeable future.

A tweet from Dan Morrill, Android Open Source & Compatibility Tech Lead, explains: “Honeycomb runs all existing Android apps; all the APIs & features will come to phones in some form. Just a matter of time.”

Will that be Ice Cream 2.5? Or, in order to maximise confusion, maybe we could have Honeycomb 2.5? That’d be swell.

Around 10% of Android users are still on Cupcake or Donut, while others are doomed to remain on, say, Frodo. It varies from phone to phone. Then there’s all the confusion with Gingerbread.

Gingerbread is Android 2.3, right? Well, yes. But it’s also 2.4. Y’see, Android is releasing a new version of Gingerbread that allows single-core smartphones to run apps specifically designed for Honeycomb.

Oh, and speaking of Honeycomb, that’s the tablet version of Android, oui? Non. HTC has thrown not one but two bloody spanners in the works. The rumoured HTC Revolver superphone is said to run Honeycomb. And, as we saw at Mobile World Congress, the HTC Flyer tablet will use Gingerbread, which was previously reserved for smartphones.

I give up.

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