The Dark Knight Rises coming to iOS and Android this summer

The Dark Knight Rises coming to iOS and Android this summerIf you’re not wetting yourself at the prospect of The Dark Knight Rises, the final Batman instalment from Bale and Nolan, I’m afraid I must judge you, and judge you severely.

As well as the movie (or “film”, if you prefer), Gameloft promises we’ll have Dark Knight Rises gaming action for iOS and Android. Huzzah!

Details of both film and game remain vague at this stage, however Gameloft is working closely with Warner Bros, so we’re expecting something worthy of the good Batman name.

It’s not clear if Gameloft will charge up front for The Dark Knight Rises, or opt for the increasingly popular freemium model – with a free initial download offering additional content via in-app purchasing.

In the meantime, you can check out Gameloft’s teaser video for The Dark Knight Rises over on YouTube.

Having recently finished Arkham City on ye olde Xbox, I’m about to get stuck into Batman: Arkham City Lockdown on the iPad, with a review to follow… tomorrow? Yeah, probably.

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krogothnx  Jun. 19, 2012 at 10:32

i'd imagine that gameloft would go the freemium route - they did with the MIB3 game.


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