Dates for your diary – May/June 2013

Dates for your diary – May/June 2013Man, as if a slow news day wasn’t bad enough, April was a slow news month. The Samsung Galaxy S4 launched on March 15, and in the eight weeks since then, er…

But things are about to pick up, and then some. We’re screaming full throttle into one of the busiest periods of the Mobile 2013 calendar. I count no less than five things that are worth keeping an eye on over the next couple of months.

I usually prefer the no particular order approach, but I guess it’d make sense to list these bad boys chronologically.

Let’s dance!

May 14: The Nokia Lumia Story Continues, London

First up, we have ailing Finnish manufacturer Nokia with a Lumia-themed event, taking place on UK soil.

The bookies’ favourites for unveiling are the Nokia Catwalk, essentially a lighter Lumia 920 in an aluminium shell, and the Nokia EOS PureView, which is tipped to rock a quad-core processor (a first for Windows Phone) and a 41MP rear camera.

Is it strange that I’m more than a little excited about this?

Dates for your diary – May/June 2013May 15-17: Google I/O, San Francisco

I don’t want to sound overly negative, but Google I/O might well be one of the biggest disappointments of the year, giving even Mobile World Congress a run for its money.

Earlier in the year, consensus was we’d meet Key Lime Pie (Android 5.0), the Motorola X-Phone and possibly some sort of LG-built Google Nexus 5 with outrageous specs.

Alas, our expectations have been lowered significantly of late, and we’ll probably have to make do with Jelly Bean Android 4.3, and a 32GB LTE-friendly variant of the Google Nexus 4. Hmm.

We’ll inevitably hear more about Google Glass, perhaps with a demonstration from World’s Foxiest Lady (and Google Glass designer) Isabelle Olsson.

June 4-8: Computex, Taipei

Last year’s Computex was a case of meeting devices that seemed vaguely interesting, but that – in reality – we had no intention of purr-chasing. Example: the Asus Transformer AiO, a tablet/desktop hybrid with an 18.4in display.

Computex is also infamous for its “booth babe” nonsense, which led me to ask last year: Booth babes: harmless fun or shameful sexism? Drooling over a fully clothed Isabelle Olsson is one thing; I don’t expect her to wear a friggin’ bikini while she demos Google Glass, know wha’m sayin’?

Dates for your diary – May/June 2013June 10-14: WWDC, San Francisco

For their annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has openly promised “an in-depth look at what’s next in iOS”, which probably means iOS 7.

Sir Jony Ive has supposedly had a hand in the design of iOS 7, and it’s described as more “flat” than its predecessors. Which is slightly odd, since iOS isn’t exactly renowned – or dissed – for being flashy; criticism is typically directed towards the locked down approach.

We won’t get our hopes up for new hardware, be it an iPhone 5S, budget iPhone, fifth gen iPad, iPad mini with Retina display, or iWatch, but there’s always the chance Apple will have “one more thing” up its sleeve…

June 26-28: Microsoft Build, San Francisco

Microsoft has already confirmed that Windows Blue (Windows 8.1) will be in attendance at Build 2013.

There are also rumours that Microsoft will lift the lid on the next-generation Surface tablet, which might well be a Nexus 7-style little guy with a smaller display (7-9in, according to sources of DigiTimes).

And heck, what about the Microsoft Surface smartphone we’ve been hearing about for the past 87 years? Microsoft has been playing it down, but that’s not to say it ain’t happening.

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9El9Nino9  May. 10, 2013 at 16:29

LOL, Lewis just loves putting her picture up. Any excuse really ;)

satchef1  May. 11, 2013 at 12:02

E3 should be interesting too. Should be in this list really - smartphone gaming is becoming increasingly important and there's sure to be mobile tie-ins with Microsoft and Sony's next consoles.

Oh, and being excited about the Nokia event isn't wrong. Other than WWDC and E3, the rest is likely to be pretty dull.


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