Dead Effect iOS review

Dead Effect iOS reviewAre we bored of zombie games yet? At least they come in various shapes and sizes, such as shooting the undead from a giant gunship (the appropriately titled Zombie Gunship) and an oddly endearing choose your own adventure (Zday).

Here we’re back into Dead Trigger-style first person territory, and as the name suggests, Dead Effect largely takes its cue from Dead Space.

Even my PR correspondent lady conceded (with no prompting on my part) that the Dead Effect concept isn’t entirely original, with the developers instead focusing on delivering a well-rounded FPS for mobiles.

What happens is, see, you wake from 178 days of hibernation to discover that the entire crew of your spaceship has, well, turned into zombies. Fortunately, you’re “an elite member of the Unit 13”, so kicking undead butt almost comes naturally.

On the thinkier side, you also have a helping hand from the hilarious scientist Wagner, who sounds like he’s voiced by the world’s worst Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator. Brilliant.

The early levels see you attempt to deal with your own potential zombie infection, and luckily, emerging from some sort of medical bed thingy, you’re left with the ability to induce bullet time. Fancy that.

Dead Effect continues in equally absurd fashion throughout all 12 missions, and it’ll take around six hours to blast through. But at £2.49, is it worth checking out?

Dead Effect iOS review

I’ve taken a ton of notes for Dead Effect, so I think what I’ll do is just blurt out a whole load of pros and cons.

Starting with the good, Dead Effect is – as I touched on above – knowingly ridiculous, and there are neat touches such as half zombies dragging themselves around (again, not entirely original), a suitably atmospheric soundtrack, and some pretty decent AI from the zombies.

The other thing you’ll notice almost immediately in Dead Effect is a fairly outrageous volume of blood, bringing to mind the original Mortal Kombat. Again, it’s knowingly over the top.

As for the bad, well, there’s no map, so it’s far too easy to get lost and accidentally find yourself backtracking; the upgrade menu is initially quite confusing and could use a bit of work; the game will happily Exit or Restart the level with a single tap – no confirmation required; there’s no automatic reload when you run out of ammo; the shooting feels a tad off – even when fully upgraded; and there are no checkpoints, so you can look forward to starting 20-minute levels from scratch if you die.

There are other little quirks, such as the Dead Effect dialogue continuing when you’ve hit pause, and I got stuck for ages at one point and turns out I had to shoot a zombie on the other side of a door. Hmm.

But for all its faults (and there are many), Dead Effect succeeds in being a charming zombie-blasting FPS, and even at £2.49, it’s worth a look if you like shooting zombies in the face with shotguns.


  • Zombies
  • Tons of blood
  • Wagner


  • No map
  • No checkpoints
  • No automatic reload

Summary: Dead Effect should probably be rubbish on paper, with a seen-it-all-before concept and more than its fair share of problems. But somehow I walked away feeling that I’d thoroughly enjoyed myself. Weird.

Developer: Bulkypix

Price: £2.49 @ App Store

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Dead Effect iOS review

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