New Deals application:UKdeals

Hello, I've developed a new application for iphone/ipod touch called UKdeals

UKdeals app:
The app is paid at the moment(£0.60) i tried ad's but they just did't work and got in the way.

But for the £0.60, it will be constantly updated based on suggestions from this site and hotukdeals. It is the only app i am currently making so i will be fully focused on it.
Anything that you would like to see just post and i will try and add it in the next update.
At the moment it has:
>Hotukdeals simple View:
Put all the deals in a table along with their price, picture and temperature for quick and easy viewing.
>Website view: View the website at any time.
>Email deal function
>Snapshot function: save deals for offline viewing.
>Integrated maps: search for a store(just type in sainsburys for example) to get the nearest one to you with directions.

Shop helpers:
>A sale calculator: lets you type in a price and then a percentage to see how much money off your getting.
>A shopping list: Lets yo create a simple easy to read shopping list.
>Car locator: saves the position of your parked car

>Browse by store: Shows a list of stores, when you click one a message pops up with the latest discounts and voucher codes

>Suggest feature button: lets you suggest features from within the app

>it also contains a basic watch deal function: which just saves the current deal and then when you click see deal loads it back up again. In the newest update this has been approved so you can watch multiple items and it saves the picture and description for offline viewing aswell.

Submitted update includes:
Ui Improvements
A better watch Deal feature for simpleview

The next update i am looking to include:
Save criteria when you exit the app
Move a deal to the shopping list
Some features for Deal posters
Possibly a "Watch for price reduction" feature
Push Notifications(maybe the deal of the day)

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
I have free promo codes and was hopping one of the reviewers on this site could review it for me? I could't find anyway of contacting them.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 14, 2011 at 17:19

I'd be delighted to test it for you, but I parted ways with Apple after Christmas.

UKDealsInfo  Feb. 26, 2011 at 15:52


Its now completely Free.
Is there anyway any f the other reviewers could?


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