Deals of the week

Deals of the weekAnother great week for smartphone, tablet and accessory deals and discount codes, but don’t worry if you were too busy to check in; many of those deals are still available right now.

Which brings us here, to the second instalment of Deals of the week. Smartphones? Check. Tablets? Check. Accessories? Check. Let’s rock!

As always, if you’ve spotted a particularly good deal for anything mobile-related, whether in-store or online, let us know below and we’ll shower you with a frankly uncomfortable amount of cyber-praise.

Our favourite deal of the week was probably the Linx7 Windows 8.1 tablet for £59.99 @ eBay, a completely unnecessary purchase, admittedly, but nigh on irresistible at that price.

Here are the rest of this week's deals and discount codes in full:




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