How do I delete apps from an iPad?

How do I delete apps from an iPad? If I hold my finger and make the app shake and press cross, is the app properly deleted?

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 6, 2014 at 13:11

Yes, you delete apps from an iPhone or iPad in exactly the way you described it.
One caveat: in the past, now and again (well, rarely, really) I experienced apps that delete, but they leave 'ghost content' behind that, iOS reckons, still takes up storage space.

Example: Rollit is an iOS app that lets you easily import photos without doing a full sync.
Rollit imports photos via iTunes file share, and then it copies those photos to the proper Photos gallery app. Once transferred, the photo are deleted from Rollit automatically.
But I had 2 versions of Rollit that would correctly delete the duplicate photos. But: in Settings => General => Uasage iOS still told me Rollit took up 1GB of space (even though the Rollit app is only a couple of MB in size). So: I deleted Rollit. And damn, the 1GB was still used up...

A later update fixed the issue, but, whenever you think an app takes up too much space, it's worth checking. (Twitter for iOS tends to accummulate an enormous cache very quickly (I use 2 busy Twitter accounts and the app grows to 500MB+ in a couple of days)...


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