To delete or not to delete: Sonic Dash

To delete or not to delete: Sonic DashFor any apps passing through the Mobot review conveyor belt, three potential fates await. Fail to win me over and you’re probably looking at deletion (heck, space is tight on the 32GB iPad); prove to be worth remembering and you might find yourself in one of the Reviewed folders; impress me so much that I vow to soldier on post review, and there’s a ticket to Playing with your name on it.

Guardian Cross was the first app to sit in front of the review board, having consumed several dozen valuable hours of my time. It was initially consigned to death, but successfully appealed with Guardian Cross 2.0. Now it’s Sonic Dash’s turn.

As before, I’ll pick five random categories (which I’ve yet to make up, incidentally), and deliver a delete or don’t delete verdict. Logic dictates that we’ll have a decisive outcome (since we’re dealing with an odd number). Let’s do this thing.

Sonic Dash: The game

Putting all feelings and potentially simmering resentment aside, Sonic Dash is – at heart – a mighty fine endless runner. Indeed, it’s currently the only endless runner in my Playing folder, and considering the outrageous volume I’ve played over the years (Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Ski Safari, Running With Friends, Robot Unicorn Attack 2…), that must say something.

Verdict: don’t delete!

Sonic Dash: The missions

I put in an absurd amount of Sonic Dash time on my miniature telecoms device, but lost it all when I almost bricked my iPhone 5. As such, I’m currently playing through on my iPad, and faced with completing the same missions again.

Two in particular (Score 20 Enemy Combos In One Run and Maintain A Full Dash Meter For 9,000 Consecutive Meters) are enough to reduce a man to tears – and question why I’m playing it at all. Actually, let’s cover that next…

Verdict: delete!

Sonic Dash: Why I’m playing it

Yes, why am I playing Sonic Dash again when I finished all the missions on my iPhone weeks ago? Well, as an unashamed Sega fanboy, I’m desperate to unlock Amy, Tails and Knuckles. Why? BECAUSE KNUCKLES IS AWESOME.

Furthermore, they’ve added a global challenge with the top prize being Shadow the Hedgehog. Want!

Verdict: don’t delete!

Sonic Dash: The other characters are pointless

Yeah, I can’t wait to unlock Knuckles et al, but deep in my confused heart, I know that they’re ultimately pointless. You know how much difference they make to the gameplay? None. As much as it pains me to admit it, they’re pretty much just different coloured skins for Sonic. Sniff.

Verdict: delete!

Sonic Dash: The software updates

Remember I had a good rant in I want Knuckles! A quick moan about Sonic Dash? Essentially I was saying that it was impossible to unlock Knuckles without paying real money.

Well, they’ve actually updated the game several times since then, and they’re pretty much throwing red star rings at you now. Yes, it’ll still take forever to save up for Knuckles, but you can keep your wallet in your pocket.

On that note, they’ve also stopped charging for Sonic Dash. It was initially £1.49 with a whole lot of freemium junk, but now it’s at least free to download.

Oh, and they’ve also tailored Sonic Dash's gameplay/hazards/balancing to make it fairer all around.

Good on you, Sega.

Verdict: don’t delete!

The final verdict

Well, that’s 3-2 in favour of keeping Sonic Dash. Rumours that the jury was rigged because the author loves a) Sonic, and b) Sega are just that: rumours. Ahem.

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