Delete Samsung Galaxy Ace browsing history?

How do you delete the browsing history on the Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone?

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 31, 2014 at 11:58

The Android OS is a funny beast - it often offers a number of ways to do the same thing.
Additionally, you do not say what browser you are using on your Samsung Galaxy Ace.


1) Go onto your Internet browser on your phone and then click the menu button at the bottom left hand corner of the handset.
2) Press 'Search Settings' and then click 'Clear On-Device History'.
3) Click 'Clear History'. This should eliminate your problem.

If that doesn't work then try this:

1) Open the main menu on your handset and find 'Settings'.
2) Open your 'Settings' tab and scroll down to find 'Applications'.
3) Open it and click 'Manage Applications'.
4) Your Internet browser can then be found by scrolling down the lists under 'Running or All'. Click on it, and hit Clear Data

5) Click 'Google Search' and then click 'Clear Data'. This should eliminate anything stored or embedded in your browser.


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