Deleting iOS apps

When deleting iOS app, is there any difference between a) holding your finger and tapping X, and b) going into Settings > Usage and doing it that way? Is the second method more thorough?

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 15, 2014 at 18:10

No difference. Except: with some apps you can delete data created by or in the app without deleting the entire app. (e.g. photo apps that import images etc...)

Having said that: I have encountered problems where I transferred content to an app via iTunes fileshare, and, upon deletion of the app, the content was still taking up space....
Since iOS 7.1.1 and Mac OS Mavericks I've found myself in rather annoying situations.
Once, I imported 2,000 photos via RollIt. Rollit sent the pics to the native gallery app.
And the 2,000 pics were deleted from the RollIt app. But: In Settings => Storage Rollit was still taking up over 4GB! After deleting RollIt, Settings and iTunes were still showing 4GB 'missing'...
Similar things happened on 4 different iDevices I handled, and I have to conclude there's something very wrong... It's not happening with all apps all the time, BUT: it should NOT ever happen.


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