Dell 10in tablet not due until autumn

Dell 10in tablet not due until autumnDell originally teased its 10in Windows 7 tablet back in February. With no firm release date, it was merely suggested that the tablet would be released at some point in 2011.

Shortly after the announcement from Dell, a roadmap was leaked which implied that the Rosemount Windows 7 tablet could appear as early as May. However, Forbes now reports that it won’t appear until autumn, September at the earliest.

It’s not known why it’ll take so long to get the 10in tablet on shelves. The specs are a mystery too. All we know is that it’ll be business-oriented with an Intel processor.

Windows 7 wasn’t exactly designed with tablets in mind, however the aforementioned roadmap also suggested that a Windows 8 tablet, codenamed Peju, might arrive early in 2012.

Dell’s Streak tablets, which run Android and are available in 5 or 7in, have received largely mixed reviews.

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