Dell exec suggests Apple will have to move on from iOS

Dell exec suggests Apple will have to move on from iOSThe world is currently in the grip of iPad 2 fever, with available stuck having run dry practically around the globe.

But Dell reckons the bigger picture is that Microsoft and Google's open platforms will eventually dominate to the extent that Apple might have to abandon iOS at some point in the future.

Speaking to CIO in Australia, Dell global head of marketing Andy Lark said: “I couldn’t be happier that Apple has created a market and built up enthusiasm but longer term, open, capable and affordable will win, not closed, high price and proprietary.

“The challenge they’ve got is that already Android is outpacing them. Apple is great if you’ve got a lot of money and live on an island. It’s not so great if you have to exist in a diverse, open, connected enterprise; simple things become quite complex.”

Lark also said Apple's approach to pricing would increasingly become isolated as Android and Microsoft tablets become increasingly competitive.

“An iPad with a keyboard, a mouse and a case [means] you’ll be at AUS$1,500 or $1,600; that’s double of what you’re paying,” Lark said. “That’s not feasible.”

Is it stretching things to suggest Apple might be forced to rethink its mobile strategy? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 30, 2011 at 12:12

Haha That is currently making the rounds on Twitter. Words like 'stupid' and 'ignorant idiot' reportedly have been spotted.
Atbleast Dell's own smartphones are really cheap. Oh, wait...they aren.t.


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