Dell rolls out Venue Pro firmware update, fixes Wi-Fi lock-up

Dell rolls out Venue Pro firmware update, fixes Wi-Fi lock-upA number of Dell Venue Pro users have reported problems with Wi-Fi lock-ups. The manufacturer has rolled out a couple of updates in the past few months, but many users are still having issues.

Rejoice then, ye Venue Pro users, as Dell’s Lionel Menchaca says a new update (which should resolve the issue once and for all) is on its way.

A tweet from Lionel reads: “The #dellvenuepro firmware update starts rolling out today for T-Mobile customers in the US + all other customers outside the US.”

Hats off to Dell for being completely open about the problem. Posting on Direct2Dell, the Official Dell Corporate Blog, Lionel recently said: “I know many Dell Venue Pro users have reported issues with connecting or using Wi-Fi and with lockups.

“Take a look at sites like and or just spend some time reading through the #dellvenuepro hashtag to see what I’m referring to.”

So what's the dealio? Lionel explains: “The Wi-Fi and the user memory storage area both use the same DMA channel. So, if you downloaded a lot of data via Wi-Fi (like a game or other Marketpace app, or even a YouTube video) while the phone was trying to write to the user memory storage location, you sometimes see lockups due to a DMA conflict.

“In other words, lockups could occur when Wi-Fi data downloading conflicted with writing to the user memory storage location.”

The Dell Venue Pro, of course, is the US manufacturer’s QWERTY-rocking Windows Phone 7 device, not to be confused with the Android-based Dell Venue. Check out Dave's review.

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