Dell's smartphone and tablet plans leak

Dell's smartphone and tablet plans leakThe leaky cauldron of mobile tech has struck again. This time it's Dell and we've been treated to a whole year's worth of smartphone and tablet plans, including a fair smattering of Android Ice Cream goodness.

Want to know your Hancock from your Rosemount and your Gallo from your Silver Oak? Read on for all the details.

Dell's master plan for 2011 and early 2012 has come to light via Android Central, and reveals a fairly serious gambit for the mobile mainstream via a total of 16 devices, though four of them have already appeared.

In the short term it looks like we're getting an update to the Venue Pro with some extra features and enhancements round about April. But the real action kicks in after that, with Dell having buddied up with Android in a big way for the rest of the year.


Come this time next year we should have four more Android-powered Dell tablets alongside the Streak that's already on the market. But more exciting is the pair of Android smartphones that are heading our way in the second half of this year – the Hancock and the Millennium, which are both pencilled in to run Android Ice Cream.

The pair look to be largely similar in terms of spec, but the Hancock features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard under a 4in qVGA display, and the Millennium has a larger 4.3in all-touch interface running at the same resolution. Dual-core processors are on board, as is a 8-megapixel camera and 1080p video smarts.

Before that we'll see the Windows Phone 7-powered Wrigley, a squarish-looking device with a QWERTY keyboard that slides down from a vertical form factor. It won't have quite as powerful a spec as the Ice Cream duo above, with a single-core 1GHz processor and 720p video representing step-downs on the spec front.

But it'll still boast a huge 4in screen, and has intriguingly been labelled as running “Windows Phone 7 Next Gen”. A July launch date is probably too early for that promising Mango update to Windows Phone we've been reading about recently, but it's intriguing nonetheless.


Dell's smartphone and tablet plans leak

On the tablet side, the 10in Gallo will kick things off running Android Honeycomb in April, to be followed by a Handwriting update in October. Just before that we'll see the 7in Sterling arrive, also with Honeycomb on board.

In January next year the 5in Opus One and 7in Silver Oak will refresh the Honeycomb scene for Dell, quite possibly replacing or refreshing the Streak line.

Lastly, Microsoft gets some tablet love too with the HD-friendly Rosemount packing Windows 7 and set for an end-May launch, and the Peju lined up for January 2012 with Windows 8 on board.

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